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Roofing experts, storm restoration and claim handling specialists. Wondering what to do after a storm? Ensure your loved ones are safe. After safety the next most important thing is to protect your property and prevent further damage. Prior to contacting your insurance, it is recommended to take photos of the damage and write down the date of the storm. It is also advisable to have a reputable contractor evaluate the damage and have an idea of the cost of the repairs. We offer FREE damage assessment! Contact us to schedule your complimentary inspection:


BV Construction specializes in Roofing and in carefully handing all aspects of the construction process from beguining to end. We design, estimate, coordinate and supervise all the work, to make it easy on the property owner. 


--"BV Construction has gone above and beyond during this entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone.*************** STARS" - Carrie L.

"BV Construction was amazing! Helpful, knowledgeable and never gave up. A true asset! I rated them 15*************** + STARS" - Heidi, W. 

"Great experience! BV inspected the property after the storm, prepared an estimate and negotiated for us directly with our insurance. The roof looks perfect! Our project manager was competent, honest, professional and decent. All stars*******************" Hector, B. 

"Our project manager was very knowledgeable about the process, from insurance adjustment to roofing materials, to all related repairs, they    also found a qualified electrician to remove and re-install our solar panels. Very prompt in returning calls, texts and emails, roofing work completed  on schedule, we highly recommend BV Construction. 15 STARS***************" - Helen, W.